Risk Management Software for School Security and Safety

A robust, modern EsRM solution to the quest for effective school security beyond mere metal detectors and security cameras.

What You Get with Alpha Recon Software

External + Internal Data

Applied Machine Learning & AI to analyze thousands of data sources along with internal data.

Alerts to Potential Threats

Intelligence specialists assist in identifying potential risks and help prevent future incidents.

Actionable Information

Relevant intel to help you make smart decisions and protect your students and faculty.

integrated mass notifications

In the event of an emergency, notify all assets and contacts simultaneously.

crisis/emergency management

Relay real-time information to the necessary individuals and authorities.
Alpha Recon offers a unique blend of Enterprise Security and Risk Management, business intelligence, and real-time situation awareness for the safety and security of students and teachers. It is supported by simple to use technology containing highly specialized military-grade intelligence and threat identification via artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human interaction.
What is going on, who is affected, and what you can do to help your students and faculty? Your administrator, having seen shots fired on the news, comes into your classroom and asks for a status report on everyone in the area.

Now What?


Everything You Need On One Convenient Platform

The dashboard was built for situations like this. It displays all the necessary information available at a glance. You can see when your students and faculty have checked in, if any of them are reporting an emergency, where they are, and review constantly updating information regarding the violence.

Take Action

Emergency Contact

A summarized report of actions and places to go in the event of an emergency. Includes phone numbers, map views, and planning considerations for each emergency infrastructure. Featuring a tear-away, downloadable sheet that can be printed or stored locally for periods when there is no network.

Transportation Assessment

An overview and safety/security assessment of all major modes of travel in a city. This will cover areas such as risk events, mechanical issues, stats, trends, crimes associated, and recommendations.


Intelligence Summary (INTSUM)

The INTSUM is a short, easy to digest overview of the significant alerts in your area over the last month.

Threat Overview

A summarized yet informative overview of all potential threats within a city area. This covers crime, business relevant issues, and manmade, natural and cyber threats, and highlights key infrastructure issues.


A quick overview of the threat/risk situation in a given city. This is updated once a month with an overlay map of significant events to support the report.

P.O. Box # 50784
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
(855) 363-6362


P.O. Box # 50784
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
(855) 363-6362