A La Carte Page


Add-ons to tailor your enterprise security risk program.

Intelligence/Risk Services

A La Carte Capability Price Estimate
Country level Recon Reports Included in all packages
General Intelligence Alerts Included in all packages
Geo/Asset relevant intel Alerts Add $10k/yr
Enterpise Risk Custom Alerts Add $30k/yr
City Level Recon Reports Add $10k/yr
Basic PN channels Included in all packages
Advanced PN channels Add $5k/yr
Advanced Recon Reports Add $10k/yr
Custom Recon Reports $100/hr
Custom Risk Reporting Add $50k/yr
Chat bot intel support Add $10k/yr
Voice phone intel support Add $20k/yr
Configurable Risk Rating settings Add $5k/yr
Configurable Threat Impact Settings Add $5k/yr
Custom enterprise data plug-ins Add $20k/yr/per source
Custom PN channels Add $10k/yr/channel
Alert generation tool Add $50k/yr


OMEGA (Under 250 users)
Voice Over IP (VOIP), PSTN, and SMS
$1,500 / year

GAMMA (Under 1000 users)
Internal App Calling
+PSTN Calling
$5,000 / year

BETA (Under 5000 users)
Internal App Calling
+PSTN Calling
$20,000 / year

ALPHA (Over 5000 users)
Internal App Calling
+PSTN Calling
$40,000 / year

All packages can add secure SMS for:
10,000 SMS for $800
50,000 $3000
100,000 for $7000
Over 100,000 $10000
Overages at 0.06/message

Itinerary Tracking

$35,000/yr per travel management company/unlimited Personal Name Records (PNR) updates

Asset Tracking

Vehicle Tracking- Request Customized Pricing

Inventory Tracking- Request Customized Pricing

Supply Chain Tracking- Request Customized Pricing

Recovery/Medical Services

Extraction- Request Customized Pricing

Medical Support- Request Customized Pricing

Call Center

Basic 1-800 number and call center
Emergency Call Center

Emergency Services

Hostage Negotiation- Request Customized Pricing

Call Center Operations- Request Customized Pricing

PR/Reputation Control- Request Customized Pricing


Basic Travel risk e-learning (5 videos) $15k/yr
Travel Risk Webinars (one a quarter) $5K/yr
In class room training $10k/class
Consulting (per hour) $120/hr plus travel
Consulting (one visit per quarter) $10k/year
VR video creation $15k/video
Custom travel risk videos $5K/video

Public Relations

PR consulting – Request Customized Pricing
Reputation monitoring – Request Customized Pricing

Security Services

Request Customized Pricing For All The Below:
Security Guards
Local escorts/guides
Armed vehicles
Security cameras
Physical security construction
Access Control


Request Customized Pricing

API Services

AR Notifications (General, XML) $25k/year
AR notifications (Relevant to assets/geo) $100k/yr
Intel support package $100k/yr
Communication Integration $100k/yr