Enterprise Security Risk Management Solutions

You can do everything right

…and still not know what’s around the bend.

We Recon What Matters Most ™

The risk intelligence and management platform that relates all threats to your assets to help drive better decisions in any organization.

With Special Ops Expertise + Artificial Intelligence, Alpha Recon offers a cost-effective, scalable, easy-to-use solution.

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School Security & Safety

A robust, modern solution to the quest for effective school security beyond metal detectors and security cameras.
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Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and SpecOps-trained software that laypeople can use for business.
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Security Professionals

You can’t protect your staff and client assets without good intelligence and integrated risk management.
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Human Risk Intelligence

Know who they really are before you hire, fire, or do business with them. Faster, more comprehensive, and more cost effective than background checks.

Testimonials and Reviews of Alpha Recon's EsRM Software

"We use Alpha Recon software every day. It gives us a heads up on emerging threats and saves us a lot of time."
Jeff Yocum, Operations Director, Vanguard School

"Alpha Recon is raising the bar in enterprise security risk management. Their ability to put actionable military-grade intelligence into the hands of risk and security officers, as well as field personnel, puts them in a class by themselves."
Ambassador Gary

"The benefits Alpha Recon delivers surpass previous solutions tenfold. Knowing about issues before they are in the news, and having decision-making insights early, improves our ability to take proactive steps to manage our exposure and opportunities."
 Fortune 10 Customer

Integrated Intel and Risk Management

Any time. Anywhere. Any threat.

We’ve combined special ops-grade subject matter expertise with artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. You get actionable insights uniquely targeted to your organization’s objectives.
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Actionable, Relevant Information

Make smart decisions! Tired of confusing raw data? SpecOps intelligence experts analyze data, providing actionable insights and a measurable return on investment.
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Track & Monitor Assets

Know the current status of your most important assets (people, places, things, processes) and understand related potential threats.
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Organization-Wide Communication

Easily contact your people. Instantly report on crisis events, send messages to your entire organization, or notify your team with an emergency alert.
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Try the 1st EsRM platform to make security and risk management easily monitored by

centralizing all risk and threat categories in one place.


We Recon What Matters Most ™


P.O. Box # 50784
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
(855) 363-6362


P.O. Box # 50784
Colorado Springs, CO 80949
(855) 363-6362