Alpha Recon is a software provider that offers a unique blend of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), business intelligence, and real-time situation awareness for managing personnel and corporate assets in threat environments. It is supported by simple to use technology containing highly specialized military-grade intelligence and threat identification via artificial intelligence, machine learning, and human interaction.

Alpha Recon believes that all facets of risk management should be related to each specific organization’s enterprise factors, exposure and needs, and strives to provide software and risk/threat reduction tools that are timely, relevant, actionable, and holistic. Most importantly, Alpha Recon desires all customers to better understand risks to their assets and to help them more proactively and efficiently manage risk through enhanced intelligence, decision making tools, risk metrics, targeted communication, and integrated reporting capabilities. The contributions of machine learning technologies, crowd-mapping, and military Veteran participation hold an important and prominent place in the company mission and message.

We also provide stable, legitimate jobs to many veterans leaving active duty to help ensure their future.



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